Stories Seven-- June Freelens

July 06, 2015  •  2 Comments

June was a dream. We took the whole month off to soak up sunshine, grandparents, beaches, mountains, dear friends, and everything lovely. I can not imagine a better start to the season! As our guests drove away and my husband went back to work, I found myself sitting with the boys and wondering, "Now what?". Relaxed and happy, I tucked away with my lens detached and decided to just watch their morning through a freelensed story. 

Half-clad and dozy, they were working through their favorite Lego text and a bucket of bricks. Reading, thinking, scheming, they decided to make the story their own. With the blur of a free lens, I watched and loved. 


Now be SURE to continue on in the circle and stop by at Juliette's fabulous summer story!

Stories Seven June

June 06, 2015  •  4 Comments

Welcome back to "Stories in Seven"-- a beautiful collaborative in which we share seven storytelling images on the seventh of each month. Over the months, I have grown to love this exercise. It keeps my eyes open as I live and work, and reminds me to see the stories in the moments. 

This month, I was fortunate to have my camera near on a rainy morning when the begging for play dough ended in "Um...Yes!" We mixed, squished, rolled, and, er, tasted. It was everything play dough should be. I hope you catch their boy'ish pleasure as you see the story yourself. Of course, once you're done, don't forget to head on over to the LOVELY Felicia. Her work is beautiful and well worth the visit!




Stories in Seven April

May 07, 2015  •  5 Comments

Welcome back to Stories in Seven! This blog collaborative is filled with beautifully talented photographers who share a post of seven images on the seventh of each month. I'm glad you're here!

I live with my camera on my hip (or within reach...and out of reach of the three year old!). I REALLY adore catching the magically normal moments-- the messes and expressions and connections. We live within story! Somedays, I walk into a moment which seems bubbling with story potential....

Residing on the Canadian prairies, we're used to harsh weather. One year ago, our yard was still locked in snow! This year, spring arrived early and was welcomed by an exhuberant houseful of boys!

They had already stripped, changed, and filled the pool by the time I caught up with them. From there, it was all leaps and laughter in the young April sun. 


Don't you just want to dive in and join them!
For now, join the circle and check out Cynthia Dawson! I SO thoroughly appreciate her work! 
See you next month!

Stories in Seven- April- Spring Seder

April 06, 2015  •  5 Comments

Welcome back! 
This post is part of a beautiful circle of artists who share a visual story using seven images. This month, I found it difficult to figure out which story to share (ahem...overshooter here!) just as tricky to narrow this one down to only seven images!

In my home, the arrival of Spring Equinox and the celebration of Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Passover, Easter Sunday, etc) together bring a depth of meaning, focus, and opportunity. I honestly adore this week! And sure, it's tough work and fairly involved, but the benefits...! Yes. As we scrub and cook and reflect and prepare, we are challenged in thought and spirit. It is a time of new life and promise!

As we enter the week, there are days of scrubbing and washing and cleaning out the corners. {The boys, um, loooved that part ;)}

And then there are hours shared preparing a meal of symbols and connection. As the boys (ages 6, 4, 3) grow in understanding, I am inviting them to participate more fully. There is flat bread to bake, haroset (sweet apples and honey and yumminess!) to mix, and a stinky bitter sauce to incite wrinkled noses and little-boy-giggles. 














We read and sing and pray and feast and ask questions and drink several cups of wine. Can you think of a better evening?

And at the end of it all, we give thanks and soak in the deep shadow of the evening, of the meaning, of the journey. It really IS such a story!

Thanks for joining me! Now be sure to take some time to visit Tiffany Roberts! I can't wait to see what story she has for us this month!

Stories in Seven: March

March 06, 2015  •  2 Comments

Welcome back to the ‘Stories in Seven’ series! This is a continuing blog circle wherein a collective of storytelling photographers share seven storytelling images on the seventh of the month.

I have a habit of keeping my camera on hand within our home (much to the delight of my children and the shaking head of my husband! It IS a risk….). This month, the story happened so naturally, so…normally…that I was again thankful that my gear was in reach. This images were not  posed or planned. The story is not necessarily pretty. But together, they reveal a glimpse of why I value a photojournalistic approach to living, art, and (in this case) education.

The Lesson Begins

We are a newly homeschooling family. For us, educating at home certainly has not been the easy path, but it has entirely been the best path for this particular child. He is bright and wild and intense and intelligent. And, while he may not believe it, he has a way with numbers.

When you run out of fingers....

It is a joy to bear witness to the journey of his mind. To participate and guide and support. To be there for the firsts and to glimpse his own stirring story. 

But some days, blending the necessities of education with the deep currents of personality can prove difficult. 
Some days, the joy of the journey involves addressing mazes in the mind and invitations towards character.


There are days, this morning of story in particular, that stir expressions of emotion and choice beyond what some mamas walk through in a math lesson.
There are days, this morning of story in particular, where you remember to breathe in, breathe out, and see it as one more chapter in an exceptionally unique work.
There are days, this morning of story in particular, which invite me to step back and consider and then step forward and embrace. 

"I TOLD you I WON'T!" And on those days, we cry.
And then we pick up the pieces.
And we finish our Good Work.

Because together,
we are learning that it's not about knowing all the answers.
It's about the joy in the journey.
It's about being present in the questions. 
It's about showing up with open eyes and open hearts.

It's about pursuing an Education.

{Thank you for joining me! Now be sure to head over to Through My Lens with Jenny Wilkerson to continue this beautiful circle of stories!}

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