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We, the women, exist within Story.
You are your own main character.
Town is the setting.

I live in Town.
Town is filled with families, workers, leaves, and stories.
Town is filled with women: moms, wives, servants, employees, invisibles, deceivers, lovelies.
In Town, the women pass and smile and smirk and wonder. Some connect. Some collide. All live as Story;  alone or together; within these paths and behind these doors.

Town swirls with Story.

But the thing with Town and Story and Women, is that sometimes, we disappear.
Some days, we don’t recognize our own story.
Sometimes, we wish we could re-write that chapter or skip to the end or live within another tale.
Often, we believe we have been miscast; seen as the villain when we really are the martyr. Identified as the thief when we were trying to be the savior. Despised as the whore when we were yearning to be the lover.

Sometimes, we need to see our Story through a different lens. To remember who we are. To consider why we are here. To speak, as ourselves. To say, “I am here! I exist!” To know that we are seen. To hope that we are heard. To turn the lens on ourself. And, if necessary, to begin a new page.

{Her}Story is an exclusive SperoPhoto series.  It is not for profit. It is for my own skill development with my camera, and moreso, to be active in my belief that women need to connect, to reflect, and to embrace the Story in which they find themselves. It’s  simple. A few normal photos. Four questions. It’s local. It’s awkward for the introvert holding the camera. It’s beneficial, as we hear our own stories and realize that those other girls are just journeying, too.

So if you see me around town with my camera, feel free to participate. It takes about 5 minutes. The questions or photos might change. We’ll see.

Light & Life,
D. L.  Daniels. We, the women, exist within Story.

The Four Questions:
1. What beauty do you see in your life?
2. How do {you think!} others see you?
3. What is your role within your story? (ex. hero? villain? saint?)
4. What is your byline? {If someone picked up the Book of You, what would the catch phrase, the logline, be?}