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I am a documentary family photographer. Residing in Alberta Canada, I document the beautiful normal stories of human lives with honesty, kindness, artistry, and detail. I see value in bearing witness to the seasons and cycles on earth, and I strive to respectfully document the journeys of families from birth, through life, and into death. 
I am a member of both the International and the Canadian Birth Photographers and am also certified as a birth doula (BAI), with a background in teaching and writing. I am available for documentary-style sessions for birth, families, and funerals. As freelensing addict and a lover of bread, coffee, fermented drinks, and the outdoors, I am also available for fine-art prints and folk-inspired food photography. 

I am a homeschooling mama to boys, wife to one medic man, and lover of Jesus. I am always chasing the next adventure or muddy footprint, embracing the Light, and bearing witness to the Story.