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Your loved one has passed away. Now what? It's a blur.... 
No one can walk this road for you. Each experience of grief is unique.
As a documentary photographer, I exist to support you, to see your story, and to give form and shape
to the processing and the journey
within the days and years ahead. 

What does it REALLY look like to have a funeral photographer?
As a Storytelling Photographer, I am available to document at home or hospital (your loves one's special chair, his collection, her gardens) before moving to the service location. If desired, I will discreetly photograph moments with the family before the service, and moments with those gathered throughout the service. As the guests exit, I will continue to quietly document the journey, following to the graveside (if desired) and then onto the gathering afterward for up to an hour. 
Within ten days (likely much sooner) you will receive a private digital gallery of high resolution images that you can share and download with anyone you choose, with the option to keep specific  images private while still sharing the rest of the gallery with those you choose.
Guests who could not attend can still participate in the loss and the love. Family and friends can print images of reconnecting, celebrating, remembering. And, if you want, you can add on a beautiful press album or a box of prints for the years to come. 

$650 within Three Hills & Area {Three Hills, Linden, & Trochu}
Includes gallery of all high resolution images

When the Story comes to an end, we have the opportunity to create one last memory.  

To gather. 
To embrace.
To heal. 
Sometimes, even, to laugh!
Often, to weep. 

The loss of a loved one shakes our world to the core. There are no adequate words. Often, the funeral and wake passes in a fog.... We emerge wondering what really happened and looking for their return. This is the value of bereavement photography. 

In May 2016, I tragically lost my brother. He was young and vibrant and tied into so many aspects of our world. With the permission of our father, I documented the afternoon. (My husband stepped in with my gear to include my own participation). The photos printed in a  book and shared with all the sibling families, including my brother's young children. One last memory, one gathering, one tangible piece of the story. 


Documenting his memorial was so meaningful. So...valuable. So hard. It forced me to bear witness to his life and to the rhythm of my family, through a different lens. I was called to be entirely present, yet able to take the necessary time to reflect and process in the months following. Shooting, editing, sharing, challenged me to reconsider our current social norms with bereavement. 
Grief is a tragic normal for us all. Death HAPPENS. Each of us, in one form or another, will participate in loss. When we invite someone into that sacred space to bear witness to it; to document the story, celebrate the memory, and hold space in the pain; we are honoring the rhythm of the life and story. 

I am now available to document funerals and wakes, including time at the home, church, graveside. 

Email dldaniels134@gmail.com, text, or phone 403 924 2027.