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To bud, to bloom

May 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This week, my community burst into clouds of purple, mauve, white, violet, and every related hue of beauty! 



My schedule was full but I couldn't ignore the scent touching the air or the fact that these seasonal expressions of color and life are an exceptional gift after six month of grey winter. And I couldn't ignore a whole WALL of lilacs with a hidden wooden gate! Or the connection between a blooming belly and a blossoming bouquet! Or the joy of serving up fresh baking sprinkled with blossoms! Or the thought of a purple-tinged cocktail come July!
Sight. So much lovliness to embrace and enjoy....

So...I collected and concocted and called and created!


Twenty-four hours later, I grown a fresh maternity gallery, sugar, scones, infusion, and simple syrup...ALL with fresh lilacs! 


Time well spent in a season so fleeting.



Christmas Cookie Mini!

November 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When families think of mini-sessions, they don’t usually think of frosting, cookies, and laughing around the kitchen table….

…but that’s exactly what we did! (after a quick portrait in the frost, a few tears, and some snuggles).

A beautifully unique family.

Participating in a beautifully normal holiday tradition.    


Whatever your story, there’s an invitation to document it, to embrace it within the magical mess, to own it and love it and celebrate that it’s YOU!

The Story is worth it

November 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I did something to my website last night. It was a little out there.  

See, the past several months have left me wondering.
Wondering about the ‘why’ of being a photographer.
Wondering about my community.
Wondering about my other creative paths (ie. writing).
Wondering about my primary responsibilities (I’m a homeschool mom to three! And My husband is still my husband—wow!)

I’ve been reflecting on this full plate, short days, and marketing incentives and chatter and threads that leave me queasy and tired and produce…nothing.

I’ve also been reflecting on the state of my province (Alberta) and the stretched finances within so many homes. Along with that, I’ve been chewing on the lasting value I witness in this expression of art. Crazy enough, I BELIEVE in STORY! Whatever one’s season or tough spot or celebration, I believe in documenting the journey to give some form and shape to our processing. From joy to grief and the beautiful normal in between, there is room to remember our families.

All of this was churning in my head as I sat on my website last night.

I browsed some threads and forums, distracting myself.
I looked at my work, my investment, my developing voice.
I cut out some offerings. Added another.

And then I absolutely slashed my prices for sessions within my town.


Because I realized, if I’m going to own the whole “story in season” kind of motto and lifestyle, I need to own it for my story, too. I have this art and business but within it, I am wilfully choosing to be at home with my children, to educate my sons, to keep a sense of rhythm for a child with autism. I choose to bake bread. I choose to write. I choose to play. I choose to rest.

I choose to absolutely capture the documentary photography market within my own county.

I no longer choose to pursue every trend and thread and voice. In my personal, current, season, it’s just too much (chatter, driving, health, time). Honestly, there are better-situated artists for those living in our large Albertan cities, and there are gifted photographers for portraits and newborns and weddings. Book them! But….

…I am hot stuff for documenting the beautiful normal in this area of Alberta.
And for the next six months I’m making this path far more accessible for your family and your business.

The prices have been cut in half. (see the 'family' tab)
Some sessions are gone, because I want to remain Present.
Oh, and family videography, yeah, it’s there!

Check it out. If this expression is a fit for your story, let’s chat! Your story is absolutely unique and valuable, and worth it. I want to participate in it with you and offer a quality, unique, documentary option for Three Hills and Area.


Life & Light,

D. L. Daniels




September 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Summer was coming to an end. 
The yard was heavy with that deep tired green and rich rich yellow.

He had a scrape. Or a scratch. Or the thought of one. Enough to empty the box of bandaids. 

And we knew it was time to make some fresh winter healing oil. 

He harvested; carefully picking, then plucking. We waited for a bit of a wilt, then bathed them in oil and tucked them into the sun. 
The whole thing lasted less than an hour but was filled with beauty. See, it's tradition. And it's for our family; our tribe. This gift comforts and heals and can be shared. It brings the sunshine into the dark. 

Into the Woods

September 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We got out of town this weekend. Into the woods. We packed a tent, woolen undergarments, and three wildling boys.

Given that this is a a blog post, I should write that it was smooth sailing and each moment was pinterest-worthy. However, given that I'm a documentary photographer I've got to be honest. It was hard work! The man injured his hip. The eldest boy had to face some serious emotional walls on the steep hike up the mountain. I had to address the fact that I might need to work to get in shape. And there was a sleepless night and some rain and the lingering smell of smoke.

BUT... it was so SO worth. I loved it. LOVED it. The boys ventured into the woods with makeshift daggers! A nearby forest fire created a haze through the golden hour and murky woods of enchantment! I read a book and drank beer and saw a timber wolf! And we did it all together-- the tough hikes and the fireside moments and the forest fairytales. 


It would be easier to wait. To wait until there is less mess and less tantrums. Until there is more money and more sleep. But when we delay living together, adventuring together, we deny so much of life.... I want the messy adventures! The memory of that tough conversation on the mountain. Those grimy kisses and the invitation to see dragons in the forest!


We went into the woods... and I know we'll return there soon.... 

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