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We are found within story.

Life is messy and funny and simple and gorgeous and...fleeting.  Take time to document your beautiful normal and witness  your own story through a different lens. Be found in the frame! This is not your usual photo shoot. Forget the poses or props. It's just...Life! 
Your family. Your love. Your story. 


Package A {Short Story}
Approximately 90 minutes documenting your family as you play, explore, and live life together. We'll discuss some activities and focal points for interaction beforehand. You'll be surprised how it flows! The majority of this session is "documentary" in nature-- I am present as a photographic witness to your life-- though I do also make a point of capturing one "traditional" family portrait at the beginning of the session. 
Within ten days, you will receive an online gallery of beautifully edited high resolution digital images, ready to print through your preferred provider. 
{This price is limited residents of Three Hills ans immediate area, though a travel fee opens this session throughout Kneehill and Red Deer areas. You are also welcome to add on a beautiful album or a boxed set of 10 or more prints}

Package B {Story in Motion}
Our people are on the move! Capture the magic of these memories through a beautifully edited Story In Motion. Before the session, we'll discuss your family's points of connection and sketch out a basic flow within the story. This is a great time to incorporate family traditions, seasonal celebrations, or Grandparents! We begin this session with capturing one traditional family portrait (if you desire!) and then dive into the video fun! During this session, we share approximately 90 minutes together while I discreetly video your family as they explore, create, and make memories together.  The finished product is set to licensed music and is available to view, download, and share online! This is SO worth it!
{Includes phone consultation and shooting within Three Hills and immediate area. A travel fee opens this session throughout Kneehill and Red Deer areas.}

The L Family#2 2016 from D.L. on Vimeo.

Package C {Corporate Documentary}
How often do you wish your clients could witness what your company is all about? Wouldn't it be incredible to give them a first-person glimpse? What would it mean if your market could see the story behind sale
During our phone and email consultation, we will discuss what you want to share about your work; the heart within the business. The session will blend on-site footage, product closeups, and audio voice overs (for Story in Motion). Share the heart of your craft and book a story session for your Central Alberta-based company today!
{Photos} Corporate Short Story
{Aprox. 90 min. session, online gallery of high resolution digital images, corporate print release}




 Need more ideas?


Perhaps you want to capture a Saturday morning with your family; pancakes, snuggles, reading stories. Or pizza night! Or a few hours of your own family tradition: decorating Christmas cookies or camping with Grandpa. Or a morning in your homeschooling experience! 

Organic connections and the moments that matter

***All packages require payment by the date of the session***
(prices subject to change without notice. Travel fees may apply outside of Kneehill County. Available for travel contracts.)

Marmalade from D.L. on Vimeo.